Monday, November 17, 2008

Season tickets

Did you think that just because the first concert of the season is over you can no longer buy season tickets?

Well, think again! You may now purchase partial-season tickets! Get three great concerts for one great price!

You may buy this package for $39 (adult) or $26 (students/seniors 60+). Look for a half-season package after the December concert.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hodie tickets

Just a reminder that tickets for the "Hodie" concert are available on consignment.

When you sign up for consignment tickets, you will be given an envelope with a standard number of tickets in it. You also have the option to check out more, so don't feel restricted. But please don't take 90 if you know you're only going to sell three--that gives us a false sense of how ticket sales are going.

In the meantime, you should know that we are doing quite well selling tickets for this concert. We've already sold around 300, and we're still several weeks away. Keep up the good work and let's plan for a full house!