Sunday, October 19, 2008

Review of Multicultural Concert

We got reviewed in Sunday's Salt Lake Tribune. Link to the entire story here, or keep reading below for a few highlights.

"Brady Allred's efforts to share world music during the Salt Lake Choral Artists' "Multicultural Celebration" at Libby Gardner Hall Saturday night were met with enthusiastic approval.

The Chamber Choir . . . demonstrated secure vocal technique, clear diction and centered pitch. Allred allowed his singers ample expressive freedom, and the group's shared musical vision gave the performance unity throughout.

The [Concert Choir] sang five movements from [Fanshawe's] 'African Sanctus' and three selections from 'Pacific Song.' . . . [a] well-honed performance.

The evening's most appealing selections were a Taiwanese song, 'Diu Diu Dang Ah,' that mimicked the sounds of a train journey and Aboriginal Australian music, 'Past Life Melodies,' that utilized overtone or throat singing to fascinating effect.

Jane Fjeldsted led the women's chorus in delicate and expressive music . . . Associate conductor Aimee Frederick directed the Concert Choir in lush and detailed music."

Well done, everyone!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Deseret News article

Salt Lake Choral Artists conductor is confident in his group